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Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico
The Pearl of the Sea of Cortez

Kino Bay, a village of approximately 5,000 inhabitants located just 68 miles west of Hermosillo, Mexico, has one of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Sonora.  Its turquoise water and eight miles of white sand beach make it the perfect vacation destination.

Year-round warm temperatures and the vast variety of marine life make Kino Bay an attraction to tourists and fisherman. Fishing equipment, boat charters, excursion monitoring and emergency rescue service make Kino Bay one of the few places where boaters can get supplies and head out for some great fishing or simply tour the local waters and islands.

Mexico’s largest island, Tiburon, is just 17 miles away or 45 minutes by boat. The 400-acre ecological preserve is home to big horn sheep and mule deer as well as flora and fauna that exists nowhere else in the world. Patos Island, 30 minutes north of Tiburon, invites you to explore submerged Spanish vessels that once sailed the Sea of Cortez. Alcatraz, also called Pelican Island, offers shelter to small fishing and shrimp boats that drop anchor most of the year in the bay.

Scuba divers will enjoy the marine life of the Sea of Cortez. Multicolored fish, small invertebrates, clams, manta rays, sponges, and even turtles are regularly seen in the crystal clear water.
Don’t miss the oyster farms at La Cruz estuary where you can buy shellfish on the spot. Anything you might need will be found in the small fishing village of Kino Viejo, Old Kino, including doctors, postal service, Red Cross.

The rich cultural heritage of the indigenous Seri People can be discovered at the Seri Indigenous National Institute. Originally hunters, gatherers and fishermen, the Seris today use artistry to sustain themselves. Baskets, ironwood carvings, jewelry, and other distinct trinkets can be purchased on the beach.
Kino Bay sees an influx of tourists during the winter months almost doubling the population. Americans, Canadians and many other nationalities are drawn to Kino Bay by the wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, great sport fishing and the friendly environment. Some winter here in recreational vehicles, other own residences.

There are a number of restaurants in close proximity to our Casitas. All offer good food and drink in a casual atmosphere at reasonable prices. There are also a multitude of small grocery stores in the area that provide fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some canned goods. Fresh fish is always available as are shrimp (camarones) in season, lobster (langosta) and scallops. Fresh meat is also available at the local carneceria and purified drinking water is readily available everywhere in ½-liter to 5-gallon containers.

Hermosillo is the capital of the state of Sonora, Mexico and a one-hour drive on newly paved roads that will bring you to this metropolis of approximately one million people. Should anything be forgotten, rest assured you would find it in Hermosillo.


Come and discover for yourself the paradise that is Kino Bay.


Coordinates: 28.836293, -111.960907